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Sharkline Pools

Since 1961, Sharkline has produced the finest swimming pools available.  You can be confident that a Sharkline Pool is a safe investment for you and your family.  Years of continuous innovation and improvement has produced a truly durable and reliable pool.

The Sharkline Escalade

Enjoy your backyard living space all summer long!

The Escalade STR’s oval pool system is available with the Yardmore Buttress free Oval system. This streamlined system was designed to use less space in your backyard. A structurally simplified design with the superior strength and durability of our traditional construction that is both efficient and attractive.

With the Escalade STR above ground pool, state of the art engineering and stunning aesthetics meet. Engineering and design complement each other to give you a beautiful, top quality pool value.

NEW Stainless Steel Wall Panel!

Introducing a nu-printed stainless steel panel that covers entire space between the two uprights of the pool where the cut outs are for the skimmer and the return inlet.  This is the place were gaskets fail thus causing the wall to rust out or explode.  We are excited to be the first pool company in this area to offer a pool with this feature!


  • Height: 52″
  • Top Ledge: 8″ Steel
  • Upright: Printed Steel
  • Bottom Rail: Aluminum
  • Stabilizer: Aluminum
  • Bottom Plate: Resin
  • Top Plate: Steel
  • Ledge Cover: Two-piece

The Trevi Pacific Above Ground Pool

Our designers creativity is driven by our client’s tastes as well as by the durability and quality of the final product. Every design must also meet our strict safety guidelines. Special attention is paid to the selection of materials in order to minimize the environmental impact of our products. Finally, ease of installation is also an important criteria.


  • Color: Pewter
  • Height: 52″
  • Margelle: 7″ Galvanized Steel
  • Rising: 6″ Galvanized Steel
  • Upper Rail: Galvanized Steel
  • Joint Cover: Injected Resin
  • Bottom Connector: Injected Resin
  • Bottom Rail: Galvanized Steel
  • Customized Wall Designs

The Trevi 186 Copal Above Ground Pool

Like the Mundo, this pool offers unparalleled stability thanks to Trevi’s exclusive. And that’s not all! Its wide high quality resin top seat and reinforced galvanised steel uprights add superior robustness and a touch of elegance.


  • 7″ extruded resin top seat.
  • Galvanized steel coping.
  • Resin seat cap.
  • Steel joint plate.
  • 7″ galvanized steel upright.
  • 48″ and 52″ pool height.
  • Available in round or oval.
  • Available Liners:  Cobalt, Basque, or Niagra
  • Choice of 4 exterior wall designs.

The Trevi 211 Full Resin Above Ground Pool

This pool is definitely in a league of its own! Trevi’s high-end 211 Innovation pool features improved stability and resistance to soil movement thanks to its exclusive and uniquely designed Secur-lock bottom track. With its 7 inch wide, superior quality resin top seat and its elegant uprights, the Trevi 211 is sure to be the highlight of your summer!


  • Height: 52″
  • Color: Grey
  • UV treatment against discoloration
  • Molecular memory to prevent
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Bottom ‘Secure-lock’ safety track, made of resin provides greater stability.

Installation Videos

Wilbar Round Pool Installation

Wilbar Oval Pool Installation

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