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Luther Stem Pools & Spas has more than chemicals, cleaning equipment and parts to assist you with taking care of your pools and spas.  We have a variety of interesting items to complement any home along with a few things you might want to wear or use every day.

Here are a few of the most popular…

Pool and Patio

Featuring Bentley Drinkware.

Topsie Shoes, Totes, and Sarongs

You can be stylin’ around your own pool or on vacation with our great selection of colorful totes and sarongs.

Topsie shoes – “All Flip and No Flop”  So comfortable!

Sun n' Sand & Tula Hats

UV protection with Sun N’ Sand Tote Bags, Hats, Sarongs and Tula Hats.

Child Life Vests

Coast Guard Approved Life Vest for Children.

Swim Training

Training those little ones to swim and be safe.

Team Games

Find an variety of basketball and volley ball games to chose from.


We are all about some fun toys and stuff to use around your pool!

Spa Guard Pool Chemicals

BioGuard SpaGuard Chemicals in our store.

Spa Frog Chemical Products

Spa Frog Chemical Display in our store.

SoftSwim Chemical Programs

BioGuard SofSwim Chemical Program makes it as easy as “A,B,C”!

Angry Egg by BioGuard

BioGuard Angry Egg Display in the store.

BioGuard Balance Chemicals

BioGuard Balance Chemicals – so important to keep your pool crystal clear!

BioGuard Line - We have it!

Stocked fully with all the BioGuard Chemicals to assist customer with any need or problem.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tools

Store Display of some maintenance equipment.

Water Testing

A couple of friendly helpful faces you might see at the lab where we test your pool and spa water for free and give you trained professional chemical advice.

 COVID-19 Update: Due to health recommendations to protect our community, we must temporarily shorten our staff and retail store hours during this time. Beginning 3/3/20, our store hours will be 9 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm Saturday.

We appreciate your patronage and understanding during this trying times for small bushiness like ours.

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